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You wouldn’t want the footage it’d be crappy footage.»State of surveillanceOver the past few years, as smartphone cameras have proliferated and improved, and sharing photos and videos online has accelerated, the world has gotten more comfortable with having its picture taken. It’s certainly possible that incidents like the recent assault will fade away as wearable cameras become more common, and the whole ordeal may have had more to do with San Francisco’s murky class warfare between the so called Tech Elite and «regular» citizens, anyway.But I’m not so sure. As a technology, Glass makes image capture even more effortless and instantaneous than cellphone cameras did.

Este dúo de hermanos belgas entró con fuerza en Ibiza el ao pasado. Su fiesta ‘House of Madness’ fue un tremendo éxito y en 2015 repiten en la terraza de Amnesia junto a otra de las clásicas de la isla, ‘La Troya’. Dimitri y Michael ocupan el número 2 de la lista de ‘DJ MAG’ y son la referencia actual del denominado EDM (Electronic Dance Music)..

Tendría que ganar cuatro o cinco veces más para igualarlos. Sólo si es capaz de convertirse en un jugador más agresivo de forma permanente, con un saque aceptable consolidado, también permanentemente, para no tener que desgastarse cuando sirve, él físico le aguanta, sigue con la misma ilusión, se sigue esforzando en mejorar, entrenando y currándoselo, sin desfallecer, y no salen más Djokovic jugando increíblemente tan bien contra él, podríamos pensar en que esa utopía se convirtiera en realidad. Creo que son, entre otros, muchos factores.

A thousand and three hundred years have passed since Mohammed raised his voice in the scorching desert of Arabia, and although something new is now taking place among the women of Islam, the vast majority of his faithful followers continue to observe his laws as if time has stood still. It is true that in Tunisia President Bourguiba condemns to imprisonment any man who takes more than one wife and exhorts the young women to cast off their veils, but, as the weekly paper L’Action reports, ‘the parents are ashamed of this’. It is quite true that at the American University in Beirut and at the Beirut College for Women the girls wear blue jeans, go water skiing and dance rock and roll, but, as Time Magazine reports, you are still likely to overhear a couple of male students make such remarks as: ‘Would you ever marry a girl who had been to the cinema with another boy?’ ‘No, no I really don’t think 1 would.’ It is quite true that in Nigeria an eccentric woman called Zeinab Wali gives a weekly broadcast in the course of which she urges women to come out of their houses and get to know the trees, the mountains and the butterflies.


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