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Gracias macg, auque no se yo lo de los cristales, no me acabo de fiar y con la vista bromas las justas, ademas la ultima vez que le puse unos crisales graduados a unas gafas de sol me costo solo 30 y por ese precio no le doy mas vueltas. En cuanto a lo de electronica ya estuve viendo el foro y no se, si encuentro una tienda donde dejen probar y el precio esté bien a lo mejor cae algo, si no mejor no. Saludos..

Such is the fate of pop pioneersIn the second of the Labels Unlimited series, Rob Young chronicles Rough Trade (Black Dog, Home to post punk heroes such as the Fall, Raincoats and Pop Group, their startling roster has provided sustenance for seemingly every new group to emerge since the Strokes. Yet reading a y whateva interview with the Brazilian group CSS recently, I pined for the fiercely monochrome worldview of the original acts. The Pop Group Mark Stewart claimed that is the most barbaric of all religions much as I like the Long Blondes, I can imagine them sounding so full of ire..

Visto por ah en alguna prensa de derecha chilena, que es un irrespeto que tanto Maduro como Ch quieran ponerse a la altura del presidente Allende. En primer lugar, cada l tiene su propia circunstancia y sus realidad con la que lidiar en tiempo y espacio en cada una de las sociedades. En ning momento, el presidente Ch ni el presidente Maduro han tratado de equipararse.

Then on top of that, Obama admits to being a globalist and he has publicly admitted to attending a CFR meeting where he gave a speech. But what makes me feel most uncomfortable is the way that Obama stuttered and lied about the significance of his speech at the CFR. When question about his CFR involvement, Obama said: «I don’t know if I’m an official member.» He wants us to believe that the CFR would allow someone to attend their meeting and give a speech, and yet not even discuss the issue of membership.

Unless you plan to pick up everything the Rubinoos have out on CD, this box is what you need. Disc one includes the group debut single («Gorilla,» a DeFranco Family cover), the first two albums in their entirety (remastered at the correct speed!), and a trio of rarities that include covers of The Strangeloves «Rhythm of Love» and The Paley Brothers «Rendezvous.» The original albums retain all the sweetness and light that was so out of place at the time of their recording. Rubin high tenor soars on songs of love (often the puppy variety), the harmonies are crisp and bright, and the guitar solos and punchy rhythm are a pop radio dream.


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